Algorithm design

It’s a computational thinking dance party! The special dance floor in this illustration might be recording their steps, or it might be lighting up with dance instructions. But while Grace, Alan, and Ada are dancing away, Charles is actually designing a new dance. Like an algorithm, a dance is a set of steps that can be followed by others to get the same result.

Sometimes we think of algorithms as being written down like a computer program, but an algorithm is more like an idea. The same algorithm can be written in many different computer languages. It’s the steps in the process that make an algorithm what it is.

In order to design an algorithm, or a dance, you need to understand your goal. You also need to understand the constraints of the system. Humans only have two feet, so a dance designed for humans has to work with that limitation. Computational systems have different kinds of limitations, such as the speed of the processors or the size of the memory or the amount of electricity they consume. Designing an algorithm that accomplishes specific goal within the constraints of the system is like creating an elegant dance that everyone else wants to learn.

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