A cartoon guide to solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior!

Even people who aren’t going into computer science or engineering programs, should be exposed to computer science. Programming teaches you how to take problems, break them down into smaller problems, and solve them. Any kind of job that involves problem solving can benefit from computing.
Eben Upton, creator of the Raspberry Pi computer
For the same reason everyone should take some history and political science—it's the style of thinking that's important. The way of thinking about addressing problems [in computer programming] is an important skill to have.
Charles Isbell, associate dean for academic affairs at Georgia Tech's College of Computing
Computers are extremely talented at performing menial tasks quickly; Computational Thinkers can leverage that power to find solutions to previously impossible problems.
Ben Small
Computational thinking is the thought processes involved in formulating problems and their solutions so that the solutions are represented in a form that can be effectively carried out by an information-processing agent.
Cuny, Snyder, and Wing

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